Introducing best in class manifold systems: the X-Treme Product Series – the industry’s newest, most complete solution to gas distribution for medical, industrial and specialty gas applications.

The exciting new addition to the Precise Equipment Company® family of UL cUL listed products was carefully designed by a team of trusted experts in order to maximize gas management control, allow for more flexible applications and provide 24/7 telemetry monitoring capabilities. The X-Treme Product Series is the most precise solution on the market.

  • Features advanced digital technology and innovative design, making it the safest, most powerful manifold system on the market
  • Designed for engineers, building managers and trade groups who rely on error-free manifold systems to regulate gas distribution
  • Features unparalleled gas management control, more flexible applications, extreme precision and 24/7 telemetry monitoring capabilities
  • The X-Treme Product Series comes from a team of experts working at the cutting-edge of manifold technology
  • Leveraging more than 25 years of experience, the X-Treme Product Series brings a new industry standard in gas manifold systems
  • The X-Treme Product Series is UL and cUL certified and exceeds the required standards and codes of the  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Compressed Gas Association (CGA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Factory Mutual (FM), & other industry regulatory bodies with listed or approved components and assemblies. (UL, CE, CSA, EN, AS, & BAM)
  • Users will be sent alerts via text and email if their manifold system’s conditions become abnormal, a leak is detected, the gas supply is running low or there is a loss of communications with system control
  • Delivers intelligent solutions by leveraging research and applying state-of-the-art technologies
  • Provides unmatched technical support and training to customers at every step of the way to ensure equipment is being used properly and firing on all cylinders for a long time

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About Precise Equipment Company

When it comes to quality and innovation, Precise Equipment Company® is once again leading the pack. Since pioneering the industry’s first-ever, fully-automatic manifold system, Precise Equipment Company® has become the expert in cutting-edge gas delivery systems. This has been their exclusive focus over the last three decades. Their  commitment to advanced technological solutions has allowed their team of experts to better anticipate user needs and equip operators with a family of products that feature the latest digital technology, access to their unrivaled customer support staff and the necessary data points and alarms needed to control gas distribution with ease and confidence. The X-Treme Product Series, the newest release from Precise Equipment Company®,  is no exception to this promise.