Medical Gas
Manifolds & Systems

As a professional in the medical industry, protecting lives is your highest priority. With the well-being of humans on the line, the last worry should be a malfunctioning medical gas manifold supplying life support. This is why Precise Equipment manufactures our manifolds to meet and exceed the NFPA 99 standards and brings current technology steps ahead with our UL listed fully automatic medical manifold.

Utilizing smart technology, Precise Equipment Company’s Medical Manifold Systems offer an unparalleled amount of standard features to provide every medical professional with the most up-to-date system status available. With 24-hour leak detection, wireless telemetry, electronics economizer, delayed alarm and detachable control module, the RX Series® will continuously report and send text message alerts at the first sign of gas loss.

Medical Equipment

We offer a wide variety of medical manifold technology and equipment.  Click on a category to view data sheets for each of our products.

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