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As a professional in today’s specialty gas market, finding a system that is reliable and conducive to research grade gas can be a challenge. Whether it’s pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory cultures or military research, the SX Series® manifold will deliver ultra-high purity gases with accuracy and precision. Utilizing modern technology, Precise Equipment Company® brings advancements to the industry from the first fully-automatic to the next generation SX Series® that results in a user friendly gas manifold that can be used on a variety of gases.

Utilizing state of the art technology, Precise Equipment Company’s Specialty Gas Manifold Systems provide seamless and uninterrupted gas flow for the most delicate applications.  With 24-hour leak detection, wireless telemetry, electronics economizer, delayed alarm and detachable control module, the SX Series® will continuously report and send text message alerts at the first sign of gas loss.

Specialty Equipment

We offer a wide variety of specialty manifold technology and equipment.  Click on a category to view data sheets for each of our products.

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